I must admit that I’m not the model Google Reader. I don’t check every day. And then, when I do click that magic button, I’m overwhelmed by what’s made its way to my computer. Don’t get me wrong…it’s all good. It’s all very good, but I still need to learn to scan and star.

One big star is an entry from Langwitches. This is a blog written by a former tech master from our school who has amazed us all by her dedication to all things technological and her enthusiasm that made us want  to be better teachers. She always finds the best of the web and can synthesize new and varied ideas into a palatable post.

This latest gem deals with student accountability when using technology, specifically Skype. Usually a Skype session holds the interest of half the students while the other half drifts. Langwitches describes a whole series of jobs and responsibilities assigned to the class for each session. This not only keeps the students involved but it makes them more accountable for the session’s success. These jobs range from greeting the Skype partner to finding their location using Google Earth. There’s a job for everyone and cross curricular link for subjects ranging from math to geography to writing. It’s a wonderful blueprint for increasing the effectiveness of technology.

Thanks, Langwitches!

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